Who We Are

Hello, I’m Barry, and this is my wife, Corinne, on the porch of our little home in San Diego. You could say we live to travel, at least we met traveling on a tour bus in Hawaii. We were on our way to the Polynesian Culture Center and quickly discovered our mutual passion for traveling. I was completing a round the world journey, after suffering a painful divorce, and decided to stop off in Hawaii before returning to San Diego. Corinne was taking a much needed vacation from a high pressure job with Kraft (Foods) Ltd. in Montreal, Canada.

We spent the day together and then the entire week and by the time her vacation was over, yes, you guessed it, we had fallen in love. One year later, we were back in Hawaii on our honeymoon and we agreed to spend our lives traveling and somehow, share our experiences with others.

So now, 25 years after I started traveling, we have completed a series of independently produced DVDs of the many countries we’ve visited, to share our real life travel adventures. We think you will see what a beautiful world we live in, despite the media trying its best to stifle us in a grip of fear.

When we’re not traveling to a new & exciting destination, we’re either in San Diego, putting on live travel shows and editing our DVDs, or working in Skagway, Alaska, during the 5 month cruise ship season. I’m a tour bus driver & guide and Corinne works in a retail shop called The Loom, which specializes in hand woven textiles for the home, incorporating native Alaskan designs.

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We are now proud to celebrate over 25 years of world travel on DVDs.

Barry came to the US in 1970 with the British Foreign Service and served as British Consul in Los Angeles. He left the Diplomatic Service in 1975 to establish his own marketing consultancy firm, assisting British companies. He established the Wales Trade Center and was the U.S. representative for the Principality of Wales.

At the time Corinne met Barry, she was living in Montreal, Canada, and working as a manager with Kraft (Foods) Ltd. After their marriage in 1987, Corinne took on temporary jobs with Manpower, which allowed her the flexibility to travel with Barry. One of these assignments led to a permanent job at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego, where Corinne worked for 6 years, on the arrangement that they would work around her traveling schedule. However, in 1995, Corinne finally gave the job up when she & Barry took off for 6 months to drive their 1973 VW camper van through Mexico & Central America.