Viewers’ Review

“Bravo for the movie. We enjoyed seeing you younger and high spirited, en route for new adventures.”
Michel & Beatrice Rieuvernet, France

“Your DVDS are very impressive! Great detail – never boring! Excellent work!
Volker Bruckmann, Julian, CA

Beyond their colorful globe-trotting adventures and cultural slices-of-life, Barry and Corinne Smedley illustrate in their engaging series of travel DVDs that the world is ultimately an intimate place and its citizens similar in their quest for the same things – peace, love and happiness. The Smedleys’ travelogues will definitely inspire viewers to pull out their own Atlases and start making plans.
Caroline Dipping, San Diego Union-Tribune

You have done a wonderful job in relating to OASIS members as you presented your travel videos. The people enjoyed you enormously and requested that you return.
OASIS, San Diego, CA

You had the audience sitting on the edge of their seats. We had a record turnout and received a very positive feedback. Insightful and stimulating.
San Diego Museum of Man

Your presentation was both very good and very well received. A knowledgeable and humorous presentation.
Sierra Club, San Diego Chapter

We all enjoyed your talk and pictures and it has enhanced our appreciation of the adventure we are about to have (to Russia).
SDSU Continuing Education Center, Rancho Bernardo

Many positive comments…excellence of photography…recall of places which many had visited.
San Diego Branch of Retired Teachers Assn.

I think the DVDs are excellent (Australia & New Zealand) to teach and tell us about these countries. You made excellent work because by playing my DVD I can travel around the world.
Alberto Gongora, Ensenada, Mexico

We both enjoyed the DVD on Chile very much. It is not a slick commercial product but it shows how such travel really happens, with all the chance encounters and incidents – good and bad.
Joseph & Carmen Kissoczy, Sunnyvale, CA

We enjoyed the Japan DVD, very interesting & so professionally done.
Boyd & Jean Worley, Skagway, AK

The ‘armchair traveler’ will be enlightened and entertained as they see the world through Barry & Corinne’s eyes. The ‘active traveler’ will be inspired and prepared for what to expect of the countries they plan to visit. Each DVD is upbeat, charming, and uniquely informative. I can’t wait to see their next adventure!
Rosemary Bullen, Carlsbad, CA

The trip through India with Barry & Corinne was very pleasing & brought back memories of my trip. It was a pleasure to enjoy your labor of love.
Elaine Lane, San Diego, CA

What a pleasure to see Barry & Corinne’s latest DVD on the United Kingdom. I really did feel like I had been on holiday with Barry and Corinne! The photography was excellent and the narration interesting and informative. This movie has made me want to go & travel around the UK – a must have for ex-Pats and avid travelers.
Jo Cookson, La Mesa, CA

It was fun exploring Israel again with Barry & Corinne. From the Golan Heights in the north to the beaches of Eilat in the south, they share their knowledge & insights of this wonderful country. They teach us to open ourselves to new cultures & experiences.
Anita Lawson, Regency Travel, San Diego, CA

We were filled with nostalgia and love and pride after seeing your latest DVD on Israel. How far you have come in producing your travelogs, Barry & Corinne!
David & Ginny Burnight, El Cajon, CA

After viewing the authentic Israel, I enthusiastically look forward to visiting. Finally, a travel DVD series documenting an excursionist couple’s love of world travel.
Scott Hasser, San Diego, CA

It is easy to identify with these DVDs because they are experiencing the travel sights just as we would. They are not planned, staged or edited for any political or commercial gain.
Frank & Sue Deramo, Skagway, AK

A refreshing new look at independent travel. Corinne & Barry’s enthusiasm is contagious.
Maggie & Ron Boughton, Skagway, AK

We watched the Peru DVD, and loved the photography and the story as a whole…And now Laurie wants to look into taking a tour of Peru ourselves! You see, you’ve accomplished your mission.
Linda Cone, Fort Myers, FL

My family and I are planning a trip to Kenya so I decided to buy this DVD. It was Fantastic. We loved it. There was a lot of information given but what we loved most was the fun and excitement they had on their journey and we could imagine it being us.
Cynthia Jones

What I like about Barry & Corinne’s DVDs is that they take you by the hand and you get the feeling that you are sharing the real thing. My husband & I have seen all their DVDs & shared the wonderful memories with them.
Erika Cedeno de la Cuesta, Cozumel, Mexico

What a great way to see the world, traveling with Barry & Corinne.
Teddi Roosevelt, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

It’s like traveling with family without all the fighting. Inspiring.
Tabitha McGillivay, Skagway, AK

These are the best travelogs I have ever seen. I have traveled a lot & these DVDs bring it all back to me. I really felt connected to the people, what they do & the fun of travel.
Helen Cohen, San Diego, CA

Barry & Corinne fell spellbound into the musical rhythms of tango; into the passion and desire of two becoming one in the silent language of dancing Argentine Tango, incredibly so in Buenos Aires. It was a delight to revisit this special city with them.
Diana Jensen,

I loved your China videos. I’ve watched both of them twice. You guys make traveling look so easy and fun. I also like seeing the hotel, room, food, etc. – it makes it seem less scary to imagine going to another country.
Marilyn Russell, Apple Valley, CA

There are two points I love about this film. First, the film maker chose the right music for every area of Vietnam. Second, he showed the real life in Vietnam. I want to say thank-you for your effort.
Molly, Skagway, AK

My imagination goes with you to the places you visit. I feel that I am never surprised about any part of the world, whether it be the Arctic or the Sahara.
Trevor Rudder, Barbados

A true adventure of places, people & problems from California to Skagway, Alaska, the gateway to the Klondike gold deposits.
Eugene Lutes, Treks in Time, San Diego, CA

Although I’m physically challenged to travel, watching Barry & Corinne’s DVD to the Klondike Gold Rush, made me feel that I’ve fulfilled my life’s dream of going to Alaska.
Dane Grebles, San Diego, CA

The narration, general editing of scenes and camera technique on the Russia DVD are quite good. The strength of your product is the personalized story line and the experiences you share.
Mary, Asst. Editor, International Travel News, California

In a time when some of us are afraid to cross the street, let alone the globe, Barry & Corinne show us that it’s the connection between people, from Mombasa to Moscow to Machu Picchu, that makes life an adventure worth living. Barry & Corinne approach each new journey with a willing friendliness, an open mind and a great deal of enthusiasm. A fresh take on traveling and a remarkable way to see the world.
Heather Nickel, Publisher, Canada

These unique videos draw from a huge catalog of archival photos and videos, and include a rich storytelling narrative. Get the feel of being there with Barry & Corinne’s lively interaction, as they engage other travelers and guides throughout the world. Experience travel like you never have before – ride along for the adventure of a real life travel experience.
Robert Gormican, Video/Multimedia Producer, San Diego, CA

What I really like about all of Barry’s & Corinne’s travel videos is that they tell the would be traveler what he or she can expect. Well worth the low price.
Hal McClure, Editor, Travelogue Magazine

We are very impressed with the DVD (Australia). Very professional, congrats on a great result! Can only imagine how many hours went into the production. Just backtracking of the photos and info must have taken a lot of time.
John & Brenda Drinkwater, Australia

Thank-you for the DVD (New Zealand). I thought it was very well produced and found it interesting. The commentary is very good. You must have taken a lot of notes. It must have taken many hours to put together.
Bill Dowden, New Zealand

We have finally been able to view your masterpiece (New Zealand). Very impressive. We liked the way you included some Maori music. The shots of the countryside were excellent.
Elizabeth Ostring, New Zealand

When we arrived home, your DVD (New Zealand) was waiting and we have since viewed it a couple of times. Our opinions are that it is very professional in every sense. The photography and accompanying narration is excellent.
Ron Palmer, New Zealand

Many thanks for the DVDs of Samoa and New Zealand. We enjoyed both. We are sure these will go down well when you give your travel talks.
Wayne & Gae Stephenson, New Zealand

Super! Thank you so much for India’s “Palace on Wheels Train Ride”. You did an outstanding job.
David Betanco, Mountain View, CA

Thanks so much for your impressive DVD of your worldwide travels (Around the World to Find Happiness). A well balanced narrative that kept my interest, a really professional presentation.
Doug Watkins, Wales

We have just finished watching your Japan DVD. We want you to know that we enjoyed it very much.
Drs. Roland & Elizabeth Ostring, New Zealand

I was really impressed and overwhelmed at the extent of your travels (Around the World to Find Happiness) and the amazing detail in all your photos and in the Tonga DVD. You both must be very proud of your achievements and being able to share them with so many people.
Michael Tarttelin, Australia

Thank you so much for the Vietnam DVD. You combined a professional quality production with a “home video” approach and it really works.
Ian & Margaret Stewart, Canada

At last, we have been able to view your masterpiece (New Zealand). Barry, you should have taken up acting. Hollywood’s missing star.
Robert Tattershaw, New Zealand

Many thanks for the DVD’s. We found them to be very personal and informative. It was also good to get feedback from your fellow travelers (South America). We loved watching “Around the World to Find Happiness”. What a fantastic story and truly inspiring.
Mandy Cole, England

Received your DVDs yesterday (Around the World & South America). Wow! What a result! You must have spent a huge amount of time producing these. I am very impressed.
Ken Horwood, England

Well done, you two. A truly memorable achievement and one which will be enjoyed by many. Your train journey around Northern India (Palace on Wheels) was very interesting.
Barry Tucker, England

Have just watched your DVD on India (Far North). Fantastic! It was so well done on a very personal level. Please keep on making them.
Jolyon Brown, Canada