Question: So what’s different about our travel videos?
Answer: They’re a lot like organic food. They’re the real thing. We don’t use actors, reading from scripts. studioThese are not produced by studios. They are sincere, genuine travel experiences as they happen.

Question: O.K. What else is different?
Answer: Our travel videos are produced completely independent of any tour company, airline, hotel, bank, tourist office which means –
NO annoying commercials
NO long list of boring credits
NO threats to send you to prison or fine you

Question: Who pays for your travels?
Answer: We do! We work five months of the year in Skagway, Alaska. I’m a tour bus driver & guide and Corinne works in a specialty retail shop, The Loom.


Question: So how much are these DVDs?
Answer: $12.95 each plus S&H, a few titles are less.

Question: Where can we buy these DVDs?
Answer: From Amazon.com under Travel with Barry & Corinne DVDs.

With our DVDs, you dive straight into our REAL LIFE TRAVEL ADVENTURES from beginning to end. So are you ready for some REAL travel? Then, let’s travel together to the four corners of the world.