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How does the world look to you? Tired of being scared half to death by the news or bored to tears by overly glamorized Hollywood style glitz?

Fear or Fantasy!

Introducing over 25 years of world travel. You will see on our independently produced DVDs how beautiful, fascinating & exciting our world really is.

We think you will find these a refreshing change because we are a husband & wife team, who do it all ourselves. By not hiring a camera crew, paid actors, sound engineer, script writer, editor, etc., we are completely independent. We aren’t being dictated to by some greed driven commercial operation.

We can go where we want to go and retain complete control of the whole process, to enable us to produce a much more intimate & realistic travel experience. Viewers tell us that they really feel we are taking them along with us to places they can only dream about.

In addition, when you view our travel DVDs, you dive straight into traveling from the very beginning to the end, without any annoying commercials, long boring list of credits or warnings of imprisonment or fines. You don’t need to be put through this.

So, if you’re fed up with the Hollywood style, glitzy, glamorous look at the world, or sickened by the main medias’ ratching up another day of misery, paranoia & anguish, CLICK on to our List of Real Life Travel DVDs. You’ll immediately see the difference. No distortion, commercials, or annoying messages from sponsors or the government.

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Barry & Corinne are in the planning stage of their next great adventure – overland right across Russia, in their beloved Jolly Green Jellybean. The 1973 VW camper van will be shipped from Long Beach, CA, first to Japan, and then to Vladivostok, to begin the 6,000 mile road trip to Moscow. Stay tuned for progress reports.

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